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Finding Your Perfect Diaper Fit At ABU

You could accuse the ABU team of having a one-track mind. We do diapers, all day, every day. At one point we had 15 different prints in at least 3 sizes for sale! Our diaper delivery comes by the container load, our stash fills multiple warehouses and last year we dispatched over 100,000 packages around the world to padded folks of all shapes, sizes, persuasions and with a tonne of different reasons for why they want our crinkly, cute, highly-absorbent underwear.

Behind the boxes of ‘nappies’ (hello – we see you there in the UK and Australia!), the cute designs, those adorable little bags of stickers and suckers that come with your deliveries, is an awesome team of ‘Padded Professionals’ that live some or all of their lives in diapers too. That means that as well as being an expert in diaper design, production and delivery we are also a vast pool of knowledge about diapered life.

Some of our team wear for fun, others have found that life has landed them in diapers full time, but everyone has something to share, whether it’s an essential item that should be in your change bag, the best techniques for you budding diaper fluffers or a bit of advice for balancing being a massive soggy bab with having to tackle ‘adulting’ – and want to share!

One of the most common problems we encounter with our customers is guiding people to the product that fit’s them the best. Diapers kind of all look the same, but there’s a good amount of variation in terms of length, width, wing size and where the tapes are positioned which means that one range of diapers to the next can fit pretty differently. At ABUniverse, we don’t just have one single diaper that we re-skin with our newest design. Over almost a decade of being in the diaper business we have accumulated a couple of different cuts of diaper in our line-up. We’re sure you’ve noticed this.

Broadly speaking we produce four ‘fits’:

  1. The Peek – By and far our most popular ranges currently live on this chassis. They include PeekABU, Simple Ultra, AlphaGatorz and LittleKings. This is a very form fitting cut of diaper, sitting snug against the body and balancing awesome capacity products that you can still get under your pants! If you’re looking for those small feels try ordering a sample of the size up from your normal choice and let it sit high up your back!
  2. The Pawz – This diaper style covers LittlePawz, Space and the recently vaulted Simple. It is a much wider cut of diaper, great for waddling around all day where you don’t have to worry so much about being discreet. Overall it has a more generous size range and is available in four sizes from Small to Extra Large. This is a cut of diaper that we are revisiting as we recognize it hits a certain aesthetic and feel for the biggest waddlebutts out there!
  3. Vintage 2-Tape – This is one of our longest running styles of diaper on which we still produce the ever popular Super Dry Kids! It has also hosted both styles of Cushies, Kiddo and Lavender! These tend to wear like hipster-briefs and with two wide tapes instead of four, these diapers tend to fit those with big thighs. It is one of the styles the current incarnation of ABU inherited and continues to be a staple of our line up!
  4. Dino-Hopps – Our final chassis hosts two awesome products, DinoRawz and BunnyHopps. These designs launched in tandem. They are slightly longer front to back and so ride high on your body! A great choice for when you want that cute peekage and for the diaper to sit snug in the small of your back.

Now that you know the fits available to you from ABU, lets go over how to get that diaper to wear juuuust right! While putting on your diaper may seem simple, expert waddlers know there are tips and tricks to make your poofy pants more snug and cozy than ever expected. Without further to do here are some helpful hints to adding comfort to the crinkle in your step:

  1. Check the size guide, but remember it’s a guide! Every body is different and whilst we try to indicate the range these diapers will fit, there’s no way to account for every shape of body!
  2. If you’re in between two sizes on the size guide, order the larger size! You will almost always get a more positive crinkly experience by taping a larger diaper snug than trying to make a smaller diaper fit. Trying to fit into a smaller size also puts more stress on the tapes, the place where any diaper is most likely to fail and no one likes having to make an unplanned diaper change stop.
  3. When putting your diaper on, pull the wing to get the right fit and then apply your tapes. Again this is about making sure your diaper has the best chance of going anywhere you want to go, without issue.
  4. If in doubt, reach out to ABUCares.com where we have a whole team of crinklebutts who want you all to have a great time in our diapers. When we have answered all the questions we can, order a sample or two before you order an entire case, that way you’ll know for sure that you’ve pinned down your perfect diaper.

Our goal is to facilitate you all going about your diapered adventures, get cute cuddle time, or to be able to take anything life throws at you, (and you at your diaper!) with crinkly confidence! At ABU we’ve always viewed the diversity across our range as a strength. We are pretty confident that we manufacture a diaper that will fit almost everyone. With a little guidance and maybe a few samples, we can help you find your perfect fit!


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