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ABDl – Breaking…Normal?


ABDL - Breaking Out Of Taboo In The World Of Kink!

Hey everyone! Krib here again for another Big Diaper Friday article!

This week I want to take a moment and look back at some of the things that we’ve seen this year regarding ABDL and its involvement at larger events and gatherings for kinksters globally.

Way back in January we saw Recon announce ABDL as one of their listable profile tags on their platform. For those not familiar with Recon, it’s one of the biggest Fetish focused social platforms around after starting as a humble website back in 1999. For those kiddos good at math, you’ll spot that it took 24 years for ABDL to become available for users to describe themselves.

Despite the long journey towards wider acceptance in kink spaces we have certainly seen a payoff in recent years. More kink events are open to hosting ABDL spaces and the kink community in general has a greater awareness of our presence. ABDLs have always been at these kink events; however we often kept that aspect of ourselves under-wraps, presenting pup-play or leathers as a more acceptable attire option. Now though? You will often see a diaper-pup or just someone sporting a diaper with their uniform running around, on full display; living their best crinkly life.

Is ABDL Becoming "Normal"?!

Some of you may be thinking “Well it’s about time!”, others may be thinking “Well what’s the big deal?”. If you’re not really into these sorts of apps I can totally see why this may not seem all that special.
But when you put it alongside something like the first ever ABDL playspace at the world’s largest fetish festival; Darklands.You start to get a feel for a bigger picture…is ABDL starting to become…normal?
Now now, let’s reign it in for a moment. “Normal” is completely subjective, I personally don’t see much difference between feeling sexy and confident in my disposable, absorbent underwear and feeling sexy and confident in the tanned hide of a good cow. But in the larger perspective of kink spaces, ABDL has been a fringe topic for many kinksters for a long time even though we have always been present at these events and in these online social spaces.

For the first time in what feels like a long time, major players in the global kink space are starting to take note of how popular ABDL is becoming, how many people choose to identify as ABDL and how it isn’t something kept behind a closed door any more. Social media plays a huge role in this shift of course, people are now able to put their most confident kinky self out there in a variety of ways for all to see and celebrate. Also the market is bigger than it has ever been with new diapers, apparel and accessories popping up every other month; at this rate, there really is something for everyone.

Finding Our Space In Kink

The ability to self express, share and celebrate one another both online and in person is being embraced by a community of kink-concious groups who are opening their doors and handing us an invite. It isn’t that they knew we would come anyway and do our own thing like we always have, they’re creating spaces for us, they’re giving us the means to proudly display an aspect of ourselves and to introduce it to others who may never have had a clue what ABDL is and what we get up to. It may seem like a small gesture at first, but change is a process.
I’ve often said that we’re our own best advocates and after many years of us fighting to be in these spaces and to feel included I think that 2023 may be the year we’ve seen it pay off, it makes me very excited to see how things develop in the coming years. What do you think?

Here’s to being “normal!” Whatever that means.

Krib – He/Him – Pail pig, completely normal, part time crayon-eater, full time rat dad.


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