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AB wh"U"t?

In 2015 Strom Holdings acquired ABUniverse to make a difference in the way adult babies, mommies, daddies, diaper lovers, and littles buy and choose their products. Simply, we want our commitment to customer support, shipping speed, and innovative ideas to shine and show everyone we truly care about our community! Anyone with a passion for the ABDL lifestyle deserves to have simple, fast and easy access to the best products that could be made with today’s advanced techno-mumbo-jumbo stuff without any worries as to shipping speed, privacy, customer service, or product quality. That’s where our ABUniverse pledge of honesty, transparency, and consistency comes in; because our goal is to be the number one premier example for the community market and set the standard when it comes to the “ABDL Buying Experience”.

Yea, but who are we?

Here at ABUniverse we know that ABDL opinions matter, why? Because our team is 100% ABDL and we talk about the products we like and want more of! Thanks to the “Big Boy” Casey Strom and our dedicated team, we’re making it happen by staying active in our local and online communities; listening to your feedback and working to make the way you buy diapers awesome and easy! Additionally, we use our own products on a daily basis and constantly listen to your experiences so we can focus on any improvements to make. One thing we always do is listen to you, the feedback we receive from the community helps us make ABU better for everyone!

What are our goals?

World Domination! Just kidding, we’re simply really super passionate about diapers! The gang here at ABUniverse wants to make the best diapers in the world for the best ABDL’s in the world, YOU! We have committed and focused our values into letting people know that it’s ok to have healthy ABDL habits and want to share those efforts by promoting safe lifestyle choices, such as mental health & stress management, mental/physical decompression, and the coping tools of regression and reflection. ABUniverse’s goal is positive communication with people about infantilism, incontinence awareness and helping folks understand there are a lot more of us than many people realize!

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