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Exciting New Updates to ABU Canada! New Site, New Features, New Discounts & Free Shipping!


By Moose or by Goose, ABU now has FREE Shipping on the diapers you need to cover your caboose!

Despite our rhyming prowess you may have guessed that ABU’s new Free Economy Shipping will not be arriving by Moose (they have pretty busy schedules). All across Canada’s Economy Shipping Zone* you can now have your diapers delivered, orders big and small, at no cost using the most economic shipping method available to us. The price you see is the price you pay for your diapers, delivered!**

After reviewing feedback from customers over the past year about how to best meet their needs in a time of increased living costs we have worked hard to bring our wonderful Canadian customers *Free Shipping*. Overall we have reduced our single pack pricing across all brands at ABU Canada! We understand that everyone can’t afford to buy a month or more of diapers at a time, now you can crinkle for less when purchasing lower quantities.

Are you a local little looking to brighten our day with a visit to the ABU Canada warehouse? If you don’t need to have your diapers shipped and want to pick them up directly from our ABU location in Calgary, Alberta we will apply a 5% discount on your order*** as our way to pass along the savings in shipping to you. A discount will be automatically applied to your order upon checking out using the “Local Pickup” method.

*Canada’s Free Economy Shipping Zone Excludes: Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories, Nunavut & Newfoundland & Labrador.
**The displayed price does not include Sales Tax

***Limited time offer.

New Site, New Features, New Discounts!

Some of you curious and observant little folks may have noticed us slowly updating our websites over the past few years, and now it’s Canadas turn! Our new site layouts offer adjusted discount tiers, easier stock searches and convenient product filtering to ease your shopping experience. 

First up, the discounts!

As each site is updated we have transitioned to a new & more consistent discount system that we hope will make it easier for you to understand our bulk discounts; as well as for us to set them. ABU Canada now offers 20% off any order that has 4 or more packs of diapers & 25% off orders with 8 or more packs. Gone are the days of mixed cases or buying specific brands in quantities of 4 or 8 to receive discounts, now you receive bulks discounts based on the quantity of diapers in your cart. Mix and match however you like! Boosters are considered a “diaper pack” in this new system, so 3 packs of diapers and 1 pack of boosters will grant a 20% discount on all 4 items.

Stock Filtering you say?

Indeed we do! By selecting “shop” from the main menu on ABU Canada (or any updated site) you will be brought to a page with our products listed out for you and a nifty set of filters to the side. With these filters you can quickly see, for example: all brands with large diapers currently in stock. If you are just getting started on your crinkly journey, or are curious about some product features, you could also explore a wide selection of filters; from absorbency to tape count, as well as how many panel prints a brand comes with! With powerful feature filters at your fingertips you’ll know in a flash if what you want is in stock and waiting for you to take home!

Thirstier Diapers - Our New Boosted Core!

As well as bringing you the best looking diapers we can make, we continue to innovate and update what goes inside those crinkly pants! We have now finished transitioning all of our products over to a new SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) that has boosted capacities across all our lines. This super-premium SAP locks away that sog, keeping those pants dry for longer and giving our diapers a greater ‘swell’ that we know you love so much. This is a really exciting addition to our advances in positional printing and continues our commitment to bring you the best diapers we can make. This new sap boosts LittleKings, AlphaGatorz, PeekABU and Simple Ultra to a massive 7500ml! Capacities have been updated across all of our product pages so you can see just how much more your favorite ABU products can hold.

– The ABU Team


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