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At ABU, Customer Service Adds A Sprinkle Of Crinkly Love When Dealing With Bigs and Big Babies Alike

Welcome back to ABU’s Big Diaper Friday News! My name is Krib and I’m the Customer Service Team Lead at ABUniverse. I have 10+ years working with customers in a variety of settings and joined the team here at ABU just over 3 years ago!

This week I’ve been asked to share my experience of my time at ABU and to talk to you all about some of the things we love and some of the things we don’t love when working with the customers in *OUR* community.

The one thing to keep in mind here is that whilst my team works for one of the biggest ABDL brands in the world, like all service staff, we’re people too!

We love Inquisitive Customers!

If you have questions about our products we’re more than happy to offer suggestions once we figure out what you’re looking for in a diaper. If you don’t know, that’s fine! Just tell us you don’t have much experience with diapers, there’s no need to be shy, every single one of us have had to start our ABDL journey somewhere. Our team is familiar with all our diapers and we all have our own personal experiences to help you find your feet.

What we don’t want is customers asking about our own wearing habits or trying to get into roleplay while we work. Yes, we do get calls and emails asking if our staff are wearing diapers, if we’re soggy, if we need a change. We’re not here to roleplay, or help satisfy a personal itch. We’re here to help you navigate our products and services and give you some tips to get the most out of your experience. We’re here to help you find the best products to build and engage in your own diaper desires, be that as a Little, Middle or Big. Whatever you read about ABDL companies in fetish fiction, it isn’t reflective of what goes on at ABU!

Ideas and Suggestions

Have an awesome idea you think we could bring to life? We want to know about them! The creativity of our community is one of its biggest strengths, in my opinion! Long before I joined the team at ABU my head was full of ideas and now that I’m on the team I can say with confidence that the community steers our direction when it comes to new products. We may not take direct inspiration from designs submitted to us but we get an idea for what the people want!

However, there is one suggestion we’re all so tired of getting… Pull-ups! Gang, hear this boar out for a moment. If we believed we could make quality pull-ups that the community would love, we would be doing it.

The technology for adult pull-ups exists, but it isn’t at a point where we feel we could create something truly special for our community to enjoy. You’ll have to trust us on this one! Our finger is on the pulse when it comes to the availability of new tech (shout out for positional printing!) and we’ll kick down the door when the opportunity to create an ABDL focused pull-up presents itself.

Let Us Know If You have Issues With Our Products

We don’t think everything is perfect all of the time. We see the torn tapes, wonky Peeks and split plastic on Twitter, Reddit and the forums. We want the details! I’d highly recommend you take pictures of the issues you’re having, save the batch details from the bag the diapers came in and give us as much information you can about your wearing habits when issues pop up. They help us identify the scale of the problem which helps us discuss changes and fixes with our manufacturers! So before you jump to Twitter, let us know at Abucares.com first!

I was told to keep this somewhat brief, I could truly talk for hours about what our team accomplishes and loves to do here. In many ways, we do have the dream job, we get to be ourselves and express parts of our being that you wouldn’t get the opportunity to with most other employers and, no matter how you spin it, that’s special.

But I wouldn’t be doing my team justice if I said every day or every customer was perfect. The nature of what we manufacture, the varying needs and desires of the people who make up the diverse diaper communities and the industry we work in, can open us up to some very challenging interactions.

We want to foster fun, but we need to be professional. Treat my team with respect and decency and we’ll do the same for you. When you call us, please have both your paws out of your dips. Pop in store and ask about our products, not if we’re available to babysit you. Consider asking us for help before you say ‘ABU doesn’t care’ via the social media megaphone – because trust me, we do.
We care about the work we do, we care about this community and we care that our products and services facilitate a sense of fun, comfort and excitement for everyone willing to explore this wonderful slice of weirdness that we call ABDL.
From a caring team of customer support staff (and one oversized piglet in his spare time), we wish you all the best and hope to see you soon waddlebutts!

Krib (He/Him/Pail) – Customer service lead at ABU, Borborbor, Diapersexual, Regular regressee, Father of Rats, makes noises on synthesizers from time to time.


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