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ABU Pins, Patches & Lanyards Are Here!


Pin It, Stick It, Display It! You'll be waddling in style with our new SWAG!

ABU is releasing our first set of Pins, Patches & Lanyards! Customize your cutest clothes with our cool new collectibles and show off your inner kiddo with discreet (or not so discreet, we all know what those PeekABU hats mean now!) swaggy accessories!

ABU Collectable Pins

ABU Enamel Pins are the perfect way to add a little bit of bab to everyday anythings; or use them to make your little gear even cuter! These die cut pins are the first set of many, so whether you *have* to add them to your treasure trove of ABDL collectables or just grab your favorite to show off a touch of your little side in a discreet way; these are sure to delight.

Our most iconic crinkly critters are back! Our four PeekABU characters have been crafted into beautiful enamel pins to add a little bit of ABU magic to any item of your choosing. These designer ABDL items come in two versions, a classic set of gunmetal-black plated pins, and a collectors box set with shiny gold trim and detailing. The limited edition gold pins are only available as a complete set of four. These are displayed on a cushion in a custom printed collectors box with a magnetic closure.

Our standard set with gunmetal black trim is a more casual collectors set where you can pick your favorite PeekABU character or collect all four! The gunmetal pins will be a regular stock item in our pin range, the collectable gold box sets will only be available while supplies last and at special events.

We have big ambitions for our pin program. With plans for limited editions and a selection that you will only be able to get your grabby paws on by trading with our staff at events or at our retail locations around the world, we hope to build from this initial release into an awesome and ongoing piece of big babby culture.

ABU Patches

Do your playtime pants have holes in the knees from too many games of tag? ABU Patches have you (and your knees) covered! Our patches are made BIG for enhanced cuteness, averaging 5 Inches (12.5cm) at their widest. These sick threads are sure to be noticed wherever you apply them! With strong, heat activated adhesive you can feel at ease knowing that once they are ironed-on they are ready to roll through all the rough and tumble your littles can handle.

Our RAWRSOME Dino crew is having a hit comeback for the first release of our patch line up. Bright, brilliant, and totally bab, the patches are available singly or as a set will bring a touch of too-cool-toddler to any item of clothing, every diaper bag and more!

Remember to ask for help with applying pins or ironing patches, kiddos! We don’t want any tears or hurt little paws because you’ve tried to do this all by your big babby self! For step-by-step instructions on applying a patch, please see our product page.

ABU Lanyards

Having created an awesome range of pins, we needed to find a way for you crinkly kiddos to show off your new swag at daycare. With cuteness in mind we have made two styles of lanyard, with two different print styles to choose from. Our deluxe lanyards are two-inches wide with a velcro closure and d-ring; perfect for displaying pins. Our standard style lanyard is great for anything else you need to keep safe; ideal for your paci or those keys you keep chewing on!

With a nod to our historic love of all things cute and ‘Space’ themed we have created a stylish Space patterned lanyard alongside our fresh ‘Let Go, Play Longer’ busy print. Whichever you choose you’re sure to stand out in the playpen and be the envy of all your friends with your swish new swag!

ABU x PoofyPins

The ABUniverse team knows that there’s an incredible amount of talent in the community. Artists, makers, manufacturers and retailers of various sizes all play a part in keeping us looking at our most beautiful babby-selves. We think collaborations are cool and help bring about new and awesome creations, mixing the ABUniverse vision with the varied expertise of the community.

This project would not have been realized without the experience and hard work of PoofyPins. Their experience in delivering high quality pins meant we could come together and really push the possibilities in our first foray into the world of collectables.

They also produce a tonne of other cute babby and furry swag! Check them out at poofypins.com!

Excited? Ready to be the coolest kiddo in Big Bab Town? Waddle your way to the ABU USA store today and get those grabby lil pawz on our pins, patches and lanyards now!


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