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ABU2 Event Followup – What’s New!

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ABU Turned 2 - Here's What's New!

Four Wicked Awesome Announcements. Are you sitting down?

New Little Pawz Diapersuit
New ABU Space Diapersuit

NEW Space & LittlePawz Patterned DiaperSuits™ are in production and expected to be in our lineup in the next few months!

ABU Canvas Prints

NEW ABU Canvas Art to encourage the kid in all of us Available Today!! These awesome prints come in 2 SIZES: 24x24 & 32x32 and in 3 DESIGNS: Cushies Island, City of PreSchool, ABU Racers!

Kiddo By ABU
Kiddo By ABU

ABU is now partnered with Diaper Minister in France to manufacture the Kiddo Diaper. Kiddo By ABU will feature a New Improved Capacity & will include ALL 4 Sizes Available; S, M, L, XL. ABU Kiddo will be available in the USA, Canada, & Australia by the End Of June!

ABU BareBum Diapers
ABU BareBum Diapers

NEW! BareBum Diapers are now part of ABUniverse! ABU Barebum also will be sold at a NEW Lower Price due to increased volume. ABU Barebum Will be available in Japan, Australia, UK, USA, Canada by End Of May!

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