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Big Diaper Friday: What The SAP? Get Into The Magic Of Absorbency!


What the SAP?! Get Into The Magic Of Absorbency!

Hey Crinklebutts! We’re back for another fun-filled Big Diaper Friday!

This week’s article is about a little diaper magic… Don’t believe in magic? Bit of space-bab? Okay well every time I say magic, you can think really cool science. So… diaper magic! SAP is magic, it is the jazz in our jazzy diapers, the secret ingredient in the ABDL sauce… Okay, you get the point, I think!

What are SAPs?

SAP means ‘Super Absorbent Polymers’, are a totally synthetic material with the awesome ability to absorb and retain large amounts of liquid. When they come into contact with liquids (Yes we see you blushing you total sog monsters!), SAP swells and form a gel-like substance, locking in moisture and helping prevent leaks.

Why SAPs Make ABDL Diapers Great!

One of the main reasons why SAPs make ABDL diapers great is their exceptional ability to take whatever you super soakers can throw at them. SAPs can absorb several hundred times their weight in liquid! Hopefully this means a carefree experience for every kiddo!

SAPs also mean we can make awesome diapers that fit under your cutest clothes. If you have ever worn a cloth diaper then you understand the absolute bulk needed to get any kind of absorbency. Early diapers, including ABDL products used pulp – usually wood pulp – as their absorbent material which meant they were big and bulky, had a tendency for the core to fall apart and were, frankly just a bit average at their job. Then enter SAPs. Suddenly you have an excellent product *and* you can still get your pants on. Bingo! ABDL can suddenly be a feature of your every day life!

Fresh Smelling!

SAPs not only absorb the sog, but also help to reduce some pesky pee-pants smells.. By locking away liquid SAP prevents it from coming into contact with the air. Yup you bigs are really going to have to get you with their grabby paws and check when you say you dont need a change!

Kind To Your Soft Baby Skin

SAPs are also great at wicking moisture away from the skin, helping to keep you dry and comfortable. This is crucial for those diaper loving DLs and squish loving littles who really like to push the limits of their diaper and wear it for as long as possible.
Finally SAPs are biodegradable. We know there’s a lot of concern about the impact of our lifestyle on the environment within the community and whilst we continue to work on making diapers as green as possible, picking a high quality diaper that uses SAP is a greener choice! Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) have transformed the world of diaper technology for big babs, making ABDL diapers AWESOME and we think that’s MAGIC… or really good science!

That’s it for this week, thanks for stopping by and reading!

Miles // Tigger – (He/Him) – Lil Bear, Kiddo, Soggy-Pants, Lover of Orange.


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