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Black Friday at ABU! Get Into Something New This Season!

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ABUniverse PeekABU Diapers

PeekABU - A New Diaper Experience

The Debate is over! ABU presents the world's most absorbent diaper EVER!

PeekABU uses a new absorbency technology that allows the diaper to be 10% Lighter, 20% Thinner and Absorb 25% More (6250ml) than our Premium diaper line: LittlePawz, Space, and ABU Simple.

Featuring an incredible new Fast Absorb Core, PeekABU uses a unique outer plastic shell; it's quiet, smooth to the touch, soft, yet strong enough to hold up through many hours of wear. Combined, these features provide the perfect daytime diaper able to contain the largest capacity EVER while retaining your diaper-ninja status while out and about!

*This diaper WILL cause waddling when decently wet!

*PeekABU available to order late December 2017.

ABU Mugs
ABU Mugs

ABU Mug - Black Friday Deal - Limited Quantity

Free with any purchase $100 or more! Add to your cart BEFORE checkout

Take coffee and tea absorption to a new level with your very own genuine ABU Mug! The ABU Mug is the perfect discreet AB/DL accessory to take to work, enjoy at home or to place on a special shelf In a glass box where it will be safe forever. You can also make the ultimate sacrifice and gift an ABU Mug to your favorite padded pal! ;D

*First 100 ABU Mugs will ship instantly, after the first 100 ABU Mugs there will be a shipping delay due to inventory.

ABU On Board Hanging Metal Sign
ABU On Board Hanging Metal Sign

ABU On Board Metal Signs - Black Friday Deal

Free with any purchase $100 or more! Add to your cart BEFORE checkout

The classic baby on board sign without the crying! Show your #ABUPride while driving around or on the wall of your bedroom!

*The ABU On Board Metal Sign comes with a suction cup included.

*More signs in different designs coming soon!

ABU BareBum Diaper Sale

Cover that Bare Bum with some ABU BareBums!

Our quest to change the world continues with a huge sale on ABU BareBum Diapers! So grab a pack, or maybe 4; so long as you wind up with more than you had before!

  • Save 25% - On Single Packs (10 Diapers)
  • Save 20% - On 4 Packs (40 Diapers)
  • Save 10% - On 8 Packs (80 Diapers)

*instant savings; no gift cards or rebate offered.

ABU Sticker Store Sale

Diaper Stickers are 75% OFF!

Save 75% on Diaper Stickers during the Black Friday Weekend Sale

One Sticker Pack = 5 Stickers

ABU Stickers are fantastic to make any plain diaper cute! Shop our three StickerStore artists this Black Friday weekend and save 75% off the retail price per sticker pack!

ABU Diapersuits Baby Pink

STILL NEW! - Baby Pink DiaperSuit

Now presented with photos!

In our latest DiaperSuit release we decided to produce a softer more babyish pink design. You asked, and it's here! Another item that comes in PINK. #MakeTheWorldPink

ABU DiaperSuits Baby Pink
ABU DiaperSuits Baby Pink

ABU Payment Types

NEW! - Accepted Payment Types

Black Friday Deal - Just kidding! This is here to stay!

More ways to help you get the ABU products you love. Apple Pay & Bitcoin are now accepted payments of ABUniverse.

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