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Boosted Cores for Thirstier Diapers!


Boosted Cores means Better Diapers! It’s time for the ABUniverse team to put a smile on your face and a waddle in your step!

Boosted Cores means Better Diapers! – We are committed to helping our customers get the best bang for their diaper-buying dosh and are really pleased that we are now able to deliver a capacity boost to all of our products.

As well as bringing you the best looking diapers we can make, we continue to innovate and update what goes inside those crinkly pants! We have now finished transitioning all of our products over to a shiny-new SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) that has boosted capacities across all our lines. This super-premium SAP locks away that sog, keeping those pants dry for longer and giving our diapers a greater ‘swell’ that we know you love so much. This is a really exciting addition to our advances in positional printing and continues our commitment to bring you the best diapers we can make. This new SAP boosts LittleKings, AlphaGatorz, PeekABU and Simple Ultra to a massive 7500ml! Capacities have been updated across all of our product pages so you can see just how much more your favorite ABU products can hold.

Whether you’re looking for the discreteness of our Simple Ultra or the awesome adorableness of our newest positional-printed products, LittleKings and AlphaGatorZ, you are now getting a better value product, matching or beating the cost of comparable products across a number of other diaper retailers. Like for like your diapers are now around 5% cheaper across all our lines and with an increased capacity of 10% or more!

Thank you for choosing to shop with us, for hanging out with us at all the events the ABU Crew have gone to over the last twelve months & for visiting our stores  around the world. ABUniverse is an all ABDL brand, committed to championing the community and our customers wherever we can and we couldn’t do it without your support. We are really excited about all our awesome plans for 2023.


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