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Changes to Shipping Rates & Case Discounts


Changes to Shipping Rates & Case Discounts

These are words that no one wants to read and even the best lesson from Croccy can’t soften the blow. Our shipping rates are increasing and we are adjusting our carton discount. As always, we prefer to be open with the community, and wanted to take a moment to explain what’s changing and why.
ABU Economy Shipping:

Our flat rate shipping prices are increasing. The ABU Economy Shipping option has provided excellent value for many years, but with increased carrier rates the prices charged to our customers have had to be reviewed. All carriers have experienced huge increases in costs and where we have tried to absorb these or be creative with what shipping services we use, we are at a point where we are no longer able to deliver a consistent and affordable flat rate service to our customers without implementing a price review. The alternative would be to abandon the ‘ABU Economy’ service but we recognize that it delivers excellent and visible savings to hundreds of customers every week. We have worked hard to maintain a competitive way to have your diapers shipped all across the country. Our Head of Logistics continues to work to bring our rates down and consider alternative carriers that may enable us to pass savings on to our customers. For more information on the new ABU Economy Shipping costs, please click HERE. NB: Named or premium shipping service rates have been increasing but are quoted live at check out and are outside of our control.

40/80 Quantity Discounts:

The exciting news here is that we have turned our 80s/Full Case/Double Carton options back on! We have weathered the last few years alongside the rest of the community and now that there’s proper light at the end of the tunnel we feel this is the right time to enable sales of 80s again, including our Mixed Case option. We have adjusted how our bulk discount is structured in an attempt to be equitable to all our customers and with a view to planned changes coming to our store in the New Year. We know that some customers are unable to order cartons of diapers and access our larger bulk savings and we wanted to prevent pricing out those with less storage space, the newer community members or the crinkly curious. This change in discount reflects the continued increases in material and manufacturing costs as well as our own operating costs.

What’s it all for?
We know that our customers (you folks) are experiencing increased costs in every part of their lives. We are no different at ABUniverse. Bringing you all brilliant diapers has become more expensive, from the SAP that gives you that great, soggy swell, the smooth plastics of our shells and our awesome tapes, all these materials continue to increase in cost -and we have already talked about shipping.

We are also dedicated to looking after our team, globally, doing what is fair and necessary to help them where we can through this cost of living crisis. Behind the Big Diaper Brand is a team of hard working people who deserve fair pay for their work, because passion and commitment to aiming to be the best ABDL brand in in the world alone won’t pay the bills.

Finally we are unwavering in our commitment to the community, both in terms of innovation and product development (hello, positional printing!) as well as taking age play and diapers in to new spaces with education and unique experiences that see us all welcomed into new kink scenes, and continuing to work to challenge more broadly, the stigma and assumptions about what the community and its members are and aren’t!

As always we will continue to work hard to deliver the best possible products to you and we will continue to carefully review our costs so as to be able to pass on savings to you all when we can. If you have questions, please reach out to ABUCares.com where the hard working care-babs will do all they can to help you!

Thanks everyone!

– Casey & The ABUniverse Team


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