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Crinkly Catch-Up: Little Kings & AlphaGatorZ Update


Crinkly Catch-Up: Little Kings & AlphaGatorZ Update

These notes apply to AlphaGatorz & LittleKings with batch code: SHMO0033

Launching a new diaper is always an exciting and slightly terrifying experience. Little Kings and AlphaGatorz were no exception. 

Would you all like it? Would you all like it as much as we do? It’s a big deal to launch one diaper and we were crazy enough to bring you two new diapers at the same time.

There’s also always something you realized you missed or that wasn’t quite right. Again these awesome new products were no different. 

Now we have started to sell our second run of these products, we have made the following changes


There were intermittent issues with our original tape choice. On paper it was a great selection, balancing performance with cost, but the consistency wasn’t there. We have gone big on the quality here with a product from one of the world’s largest tape manufacturers to give you the grippiest gripers, holding your diap snug all day long. The perfect fit for our most innovative diaper.


A couple of our Pantone choices were not translated perfectly in manufacturing. We have revised these with our factories and so those keen-eyed littles out there will spot a few more details on Croccy than they did before and hopefully find the overall colour balance on both products more pleasing.


Well, why not? We had the chance to tweak this a little and to try and maximise the performance of our incredible 6750ml core. There’s actually a little more in here for those of you who are pro soakers, but for us normal potty-pants-ers, 6750ml is an achievable level of sog!
Overall these tweaks have taken our best diaper and made it BRILLIANT. AlphaGatorz and LittleKings are the most awesome diapers we have ever made and they might just be the best diaper in the world… Well of course we would say that, but for those of you who have yet to try them, we hope you’ll join Croccy’s class or be part of the Padded Pride really soon! These are selling in the USA now and are on their way to our other locations. Please join our waitlists on the product pages to be the first to know when they come into stock!


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