Important Message from ABUniverse – Regarding

A Message from Casey Strom, CEO of ABUniverse

Since my purchase of ABUniverse on March 6th 2015, it has been our goal to be transparent, honest, and to remedy all the wrong decisions the previous owners viewed as acceptable business practices. I personally responded to thousands of emails regarding unfulfilled orders from the previous owners, and we have done our best to go above and beyond what is necessary to revive the brand because it was the right thing to do. With this said, ANY threat to our brand and mission statement will be taken seriously.

We’ve taken the time to trademark almost every product we have to protect you and us from counterfeit products, and we are very active in watching the imports/exports within the USA.

Recently, I was made aware that Mr. Jason Sidell, a previous owner of ABUniverse between 2008-2015, had prepared to re-enter the market selling adult diapers. His company, Netovi Inc, had been formed in Washington with a warehouse in the city of Snohomish. Jason’s company has recently imported 316 cartons of goods.

Tonight, August 3rd, 2016 at 10:30pm Pacific, we were made aware that many current customers of ABU received an email from “”, and based on every available description on the website, it is part of Netovi. is violating the trademark and copyright we own on the ABUniverse Super Dry Kids™ brand, and we have every intention of protecting our intellectual property through every extent of the law. The email address database is owned by ABU through a purchase agreement executed in March 2015. We can only assume that the previous owners did not delete their copy of the database passed along to us.

We believe passing on this knowledge is important for you, the consumer, to make informed and safe purchases especially within the ABDL community.

Competition is what helps us grow and continue to innovate so that we always maintain quality with each new product. This is also important with existing brands. We believe in competing fairly, abiding by the rules, and remaining transparent.

We greatly appreciate every order you make with ABU worldwide, and will continue to do our best to bring new and exciting products to market.


Thank you for your continuing business to help us evolve.

Casey Strom
CEO, ABUniverse
Strom Holdings LLC
Copyright © 2016 ABUniverse, All rights reserved.

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