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Introducing ABU Canada! – abuniverse.ca

Welcome to ABUniverse.ca. We are happy to announce that premium diapers are now affordable for Canadians! We are open for orders!

ABU Canada Product Pricing

Space / LittlePawz 80 — $189.99 CAD = 2.36 a diaper 40 — $105.99 CAD = 2.64 a diaper 10 — $39.99 CAD = 3.99 a diaper Simple 80 — $179.99 CAD = 2.24 a diaper 40 — $104.99 CAD = 2.62 a diaper 10 — $37.99 CAD = 3.79 a diaper
Super Dry Kids  v2 80 — $164.99 CAD = 2.06 a diaper 40 — $99.99 CAD = 2.49 a diaper 10 — $34.99 CAD = 3.49 a diaper Cushies  v2 80 — $179.99 CAD = 2.24 a diaper 40 — $104.99 CAD = 2.62 a diaper 10 — $37.99 CAD = 3.79 a diaper

Shipping policies

We ship via UPS Standard for all parcels greater than one sample pack, and Canadian Post for sample packs. Sample packs will be available in April. Your order will ship within two business days of when you place it.  

Return policy

Due to the nature of all our products being personal care items, we cannot accept any returns once it has left our warehouse. We will, however, work with you if you have a defective item. Please email [email protected] with your order number, a photo of the packing slip and the defective product shipped.  


All applicable taxes will be charged to you at the time of sale that are required to be paid to the Canadian Government.  

What happens when product is out of stock in Canada, but in stock for the USA?

If we run out of stock on any item, for whatever reason, we may allow you to order it, but we will give you an expected ship date. We will have shipments from the USA to Canada every week, so you can generally expect to get in-stock USA items the following week after an out of stock item is ordered. A cancellation for a full refund can only be done before your product ships.
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