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Introducing The ABUniverse Vault – Even The Best Diapers Need A Break!


Introducing The ABUniverse Diaper Vault!

This is not a goodbye, rather “time for a nap”. Some of our hard working diapers could use some down time and a rest. While these hard working, crinkly creations have a break, we have the opportunity to give them a makeover. As the creative design team behind ABUniverse’s diaper line-up continues to drive forward with the newest designs and the best diaper technology available, it’s time to make some room in our range and refresh some of our most beloved classics. (Did you see the relaunch of Cloth Backed Cushies!?)

These soon to be vaulted diapers have been with us through thick and thin, keeping adorable little padded bums cute, crinkly, and most importantly, holding the Sogg Monster at bay! We have just launched two of the most innovative diapers in the ABDL scene and have a tonne more cool things coming but that means it’s time to say ‘ciao’ to some of the regular line-up.

Diapers entering The ABU Vault (pausing manufacture):

When the stock on hand in each region is gone, then it’s gone!
Will they ever come back?

While there’s no production scheduled for these diapers at this time, we know that they are much-loved members of the classic ABUniverse Diaper lineup.

We all have a soft spot for certain diapers and we expect that most diapers that enter the ABU Vault will make a comeback in the future, either refreshed, upgraded and updated or potentially in their classic form. That might be for a limited time run or to re-join our main lineup! With so many diaper ideas we have to make sure we have room for new designs.

Why these diapers?

We have chosen to vault some of our older products that have remained unchanged since their launch in the early days of Strom Holdings owning ABU. Others are brands we acquired that we want to update or adjust the features on. Some of these diapers have simply become less popular as we continue to create and innovate. Our goal is to continue to bring the best products possible to age-players, DLs, and anyone who loves and enjoys diapers, whatever the reason!

Will other diapers go into the vault/what will be vaulted next?

Other diapers will be vaulted over time and others will come back. It’s taken months of planning, discussion and review to choose which diapers would be vaulted first. It is a process and we will continue to review whilst keeping an eye on our product availability and demand from the community.

How long until vaulted diapers are gone?

Diapers sell at different rates in each market. If you have a favourite and you want to make sure you’ve got some to enjoy for a little while longer we recommend you place an order soon! Once each vaulted brand has it’s inventory exhausted it will not return until we release them from the vault. 

So, Cloth-Backed Cushies huh?

Yes! They’re a classic product that folks have been asking about for a long time. There are only a handful of cloth-backed ABDL Products on the market and it was time for this cute, cozy cloth-backed classic to make it’s return into our hearts, and onto our bottoms!

What new designs are coming?

That would be telling! In all seriousness, even after all the excitement of AlphaGatorZ and Little Kings, we have a whole launch schedule waiting in the wings. The pandemic caused everyone who produces diapers a number of issues from materials shortages to shipping delays. Knowing this we made it our mission to focus on keeping diapers available to ABDLs around the world during a time when simply receiving stock became quite challenging. 

As we learn and adapt to the changes this has brought about these past few years we are slowly working our way back into designing and releasing new exciting ideas to brighten and improve everyones crinkly experience!


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