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New – ABU Simple™ Diaper

The NEW all white ABU Simple™ (4 tab diaper) is designed with the DL in mind. This diaper has the same absorbency of ABU Space™ at 5000ML.

The Features[dt_sc_fancy_ul style=”star” variation=”blue”]

  • All White Design
  • Tall Leakguards
  • QuickAbsorb Core
  • Front & Back Waistband
  • Plastic Landing Panel – Easy Adjustments

Sizes Available[dt_sc_fancy_ul style=”star” variation=”blue”]

  • MEDIUM –  28″-36″ – (waist/hip measure whichever is larger)
  • LARGE – 36″-46″ – (waist/hip measure whichever is larger)
  • EXTRA LARGE – 46″-56″ – (waist/hip measure whichever is larger)
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