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Pamp-Notes: Cloth-backed Cushies


Pamp-Notes: Cloth-Backed Cushies:

Okay, we admit, it’s been a while since our last pamp notes but this is a very exciting edition because we have a classic fan-favourite making a return to the ABUniverse lineup…

Since being discontinued in 2016, we’ve made some incredible improvements to the way we design our diapers, bringing you the best technology we can get our paws on to keep you cute, crinkly & confident as you live your best padded lives.

We’re always listening to our community & our fans when it comes to our diapers & designs. We know everyone has their favourite classic diaper and we have seen the endless calls for the return of this classic. After a while, we sat around with our sippy cups and talked it out. Why not…so there’s some big news for you all…

We've Brought Back Cloth-Backed Cushies!

Whether you remember the Cloth-Backed Cushies of old or are a fan of their plastic-backed sister, we’re certain that these diapers will delight! The revamped Cloth-Backed Cushies still feature the same whimsical designs to keep your playtime free from frowning faces, all with a comfortable cloth-backed twist.

Cloth-Backed Cushies feature oversized hook & loop tapes that have been upgraded to 5CM wide keeping you secure all day long while allowing for adjustments on the fly.

These new Cloth-=Backed Cushies also feature a front & back elastic band for a more snug and secure fit.

We hope you enjoy the return of Cloth-Backed Cushies and would love to hear your feedback over at ABUCares.com! Keep it crinkly, we will see you in the next pamp notes!

First Batch Release Notice:

Our current run of Cloth-Backed Cushies fit about an inch smaller than their current plastic counterparts you may be used to. This is due to the central positioning of the tapes and will be corrected on our next manufacturing run of the product. Please bear this in mind when making your purchase, a full size guide is available on the product page and samples are available to find your perfect fit before investing in a larger order. This first batch also has plain white wings, Identical to the original Cloth-Backed Cushies, but from the next batch onward the entire wing of the diaper will change to purple to match the backsheets intended design.


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