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Positional Printed Diapers: What Are They?


ABU Is Proud To Present Our latest Crinkly Achievement: Positional Printed Diapers!

The Future Of Diapers Is A Blast From The past!

With the latest plastic printing technology we can bring you diaper designs that look & feel like the baby brands of your past!

We've Worked For Years To Solve A Simple Problem That Makes A Big Difference.

Ever wonder how diaper companies you used growing up make diapers with prints that change across the diaper, appearing right where they need to be? So did we! Cute little indicators for the front and back, characters & shapes that are never upside down? All of this is due to positional printing and after years of development we can now bring these exciting features to diapers for age players and diaper lovers everywhere!

Positional Printed Plastics are going to change everything. For many years ABDLs, ABDL companies & even a few medical supply brands have all worked to; make custom printed diapers for adults that remind us of the look & feel of the diapers we had the first time round. Due to the limitations of the machines used to print adult diaper plastics (folks who made the machines never expected those who used them to want cute baby like patterns on adult sized diapers!) we have been forced to use “Repeating Patterns” for all backsheet printing…until now!

Repeating Patterns

This means the plastic must be able to be cut anywhere & still look good; this is why you see patterns that are often like a wallpaper in design. They are made to repeat and be cut anywhere along the plastic roll to be made into a diaper.

Positional Printed Patterns

These patterns have custom printed plastic rolls that a machine can read and know the exact places to cut (using fancy sensors and thingies!!) to ensure that our complete vision for a design is printed exactly where we want it on the backsheet.

Now We Have The Technology To Rebuild Them...

While this might sound like a simple idea, Positional Printing will allow us to completely reinvent how a diaper prints are designed. We can now get that authentic diaper look, scaled up and on to a high quality adult diaper.

We hope you will enjoy taping yourself into our newest products, a truly innovative step towards designing the diapers of the future.



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