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SMedium…What A Mouthful!


SMedium...What A Mouthful!

Hello fellow waddlers and welcome back to our Big Diaper Friday blog post!

This week we have a more informational read vs. our regular ABDL lifestyle pieces. For some time now LittlePawz has been available in our trial “SMedium” size & we are now ready to make the transition to Small. Shall we just call it Small? Cool! Lets do that.

That’s the TL,DR for the littles that struggle with those A-B-C’s and long reads. For those of you who love getting into the nitty-gritty details and probing for insight into the minds of “Big Diaper”, keep reading on!

What's Up With SMedium?

Some changes are big jobs and take a little while to clean up – you know what I mean?! This was the case with the original size ‘Small’, made by ABUniverse. We did one run of the original size ‘Small’ for a handful of our lines of diapers ONCE and we have only recently seen the last bags of those teeny-tiny diapers out the door. It took over 5 years to sell through them all.

SMedium was a long phase project we underwent hoping to find a more perfect fit, as many folks said our smalls were simply too small. With SMedium we hoped to hit a happy medium between folks who find our medium too large, but small too small.

We know there are people out there who loved the original “Small”, that this size worked for, but, simply put, there weren’t enough of you super-smol-babs for us to maintain this size with any kind of variety on an ongoing basis and keep the stock fresh and at its best for you.

Do Diapers Expire?

Diapers don’t really expire – they’re not the cookie you find down the side of the couch and go “oooo but ewww!”. Diapers do however have some components that may not be at their best after waiting in your stash or our warehouses for multiple years before they land on your butt. Glues start to get less sticky, plastics become a bit brittle…

Keep this in mind if you’re hoarding some super diaper rarity in your stash. ABDL diapers are made to be worn and enjoyed and you might love your super special baby pants of old a little less if those usually super-strong tapes fail or your favourite plastic back-sheet splits. Yes, I am in effect advocating for some in-the-moment diaper living. Go ahead; put on that special diaper sitting in a secret spot, the last resort, enjoy it! But anyway, I digress…

Why Was SMedium Made?

We chewed the problem of what to do with ‘small’ over for a while… a long while; it had become a flavourless piece of gum by the time we were done. The outcome of all this hard thinking and coming to the conference table with cookies and a stuffy led to the creation of a size we called S/M or ‘SMedium’.

We’ve been running with SchMedium as a test size in LittlePawz for a while and it has fallen into place as a steady seller with a volume that aligns with our understanding that whilst people come in all shapes and sizes, those sizes fall into a bell curve.

SMedium though? Imagine saying that with your paci in as you ask for your favourite diapers in your size! It was a great babby nonsense word. It was really cute for a while, but we’re ready to roll out the size to other lines. Yes you heard right! Now that we have successfully adjusted to a better fitting size small you’ll start seeing ABU brands filling out the entire available size range. Small for all! Just like your bedroom, sometimes we have to tidy up before we can roll out the next exciting thing.

Small For All!

From the next run of LittlePawz that will begin landing in our stores all around the world in a couple of weeks, ‘SMedium’ will now simply be called SMALL. The new small. An improved small. A small that fits a broader range of people than its previous incarnation.

As we continue to produce products on the Pawz chassis we will include the size formerly known as SMedium to those lines from launch, working to create more awesome diapers in an inclusive as possible range of sizes without making folks wait.

Say it with me folks. SMedium is gone. Now you’re just tiny! Now you’re just SMALL!

Much love from the team here at ABU,

Miles – (He/Him) – Lil Bear, Tiggy Pants, Lover of Orange.


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