The Cloth Backed Cushie – Available Today!

The Cloth Backed Cushie is back by popular demand! This 2015 version CBC diaper features NEW breathable sides. For those who haven’t worn the cloth backed cushie the most notable feature is the velcro tapes. This allows for many tape adjustments without issue!

The Features

  • Multi-color tape panel on the front for easy changing
  • Stretchy leg gathers provide a comfortable and secure fit
  • One large 70mm hook and loop style fastening tape on each side
  • Soft nonwoven cloth-like cover backing over waterproof layer
  • Breathable sides for summer wear!

Sizes Available

  • SMALL fits waist/hip – Specific fit: size 21-29″ new!
  • MEDIUM fits waist/hip – Ideal fit: size 33-36″ – (will fit: 32″ to 44″ waist)
  • LARGE fits waist/hip – ideal fit 37-44″ – (will fit: 36″ to 52″ waist)
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