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Skin Care For Down There!


Skin Care For Down There! ABDL Tips and Tricks For Baby Smooth Skin

Hey ya’ll! I’m Ian River. Social Media Lead and enjoyer of maxing out diapers in sog! Lover of Lego, fantasy, dinos, and cats! I can be seen waddling around our Baltimore store and at events (in very coordinated outfits). Sometimes bratty middle, bossing the littles; other times SMOL and wanting my Daddy. I also am a fire (it’s more like sparks) breathing purple dragon at times! RAWR!!!
Whether you’re a 24/7 tot, a weekend baby or just an occasional crinkle-butt, the second most important factor of your diapered life (the first being the padding you choose to waddle in) is maintaining healthy and rash-free skin! I’ve been 24/7 diaper wearing for the past two years now and have had my fair share of irritating and diaper-fun-ending skin issues. In that time, I’ve picked up a few tricks I’ve found are best for minimizing initiation and maximizing swell fun!
First and foremost, choosing your diaper. Size and fit are an integral part of avoiding irritating you or your little one’s skin. Too small of a diaper, and you increase friction and pressure built up during wearing. But too big, and you increase the chances of leaks and extended exposure to moisture.

When you’re going to place a big order, or your first for a while, make sure you measure your waist so as to be up to date with your best fit and check the measurements of any new diaper you are trying! ‘Not all diapers are made equal’, – so check those size charts! Remember, every body is different, and sizing charts are recommendations. So nab samples before committing to a full pack or case if you’ve not tried that diaper before! For more info on sizing, check out our previous Big Diaper Friday blog post on a breakdown for the different fits of diapers at ABUniverse!

Now comes the sad part of a diapered life. As much as we all love the fantasy of sitting in our sagging soggy or more diaps for 8+ hours, reality dictates that continuously wearing like you’re in the last diaper of your big-babby life is a BIG no-no for healthy skin. The longer any kiddo sits in their soaked diaper, the more bacterial nasties grow and take every chance you’re giving them irritate the skin. There is only one solution – change those diapers! Save your ‘no-change challenge’ for special occasions and use proper protective tools when you just can’t say no to being so thickly diapered that all you can do is crawl or really get into tummy time!

When the time comes to lay back and finally handle the serious sog monster you’ve created between your legs, ensure you wipe all of the sensitive areas thoroughly, but gently. Personally, I prefer non-scented wipes and recommend them for avoiding any possible allergic reactions. Your skin is the single largest organ in your body and if it gets a little grumpy with you, sometimes keeping things simple is best. You get Babby-Bonus-Points for dabbing the area dry afterward with a warm fluffy towel or just taking the time to air dry a little. Those small breaks between diapers add up and they really do help.

Items Every Diaper Bag Needs: Powders, Oils & Lotions

Powder (such as your typical store-front baby powder) is great for wicking away moisture from the skin and extending diaper wearing, while also cutting down on chaffing when applied to the thighs outside of the diaper. Lotions and oils are excellent for reviving some dryness back to the skin after a change. While barrier creams are perfect for those planned 8+ hours sog-fests or for night-time when exposure to totally-not-your-fault-super-soaked-diapers is likely to be extended.

REMEMBER that oil based products will impact on the oils and glues that hold your diaper together, so use them SPARINGLY! We love that big brand baby lotion smell as much as the next bab but if you apply enough that if feels like you’re swimming in it inside your padding then you run a risk of that diaper literally coming apart at the seams *and* preventing the diaper from absorbing effectivly. This is also true of too much powder, which clumps up and prevents SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer – aka the magic diaper stuff) from absorbing properly, plus you’ll probably get it all over your diaper’s sticky tapes and ruining their adhesion – don’t blame us when you end up doubled up!
Again – because all your tiny tots love repetition – adding some “air-out” time before sliding that new fresh diaper under your butt really helps. Hop in a bubble bath, rinse, and scrub down with some cute smelling soap, then watch some cartoons in something snuggly or just completely nakie! Give your skin some time to breathe and be away from ALL that moisture. Better to willingly take an hour or two out of diapers, than to be forced to take a few days to recover from rashes! And just in case better have that airing butt sat on a towel or a puppy pad (woof-woof!) just in case of any accidents!

We all love squishy diaper fun but we also love to have healthy and happy skin! Take some of these lil tips and lessons I’ve learned in my personal diapered life and apply them to your or your lil ones’ own and have a crinkle-tastic Big Diapered Friday!

Wishing you all a cozy, comfy, poofy; but most importantly, SQUISHY Big Diaper Friday!

Lots of love,
Ian River.


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