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Big Diaper Friday: Pull Ups? Can We Talk About Maybe Perhaps Having PULL UPS?!?!?!


Pull Ups? Will We Ever Get PULL-UPS?!?!

Hello and welcome to another Big Diaper Friday with ABU! Krib here again, this week working with Eolis to give you a comprehensive look into the ins-and-outs of adult Pull-Up development. Krib is the Customer Service Lead here at ABUniverse, fielding your requests for Pull-Ups on an almost daily basis. Eolis, ABU’s Art & Design Lead, has been looking into the feasibility of developing Pull-Ups for many years; and has pushed ABU towards achieving some of the key pieces needed to make them. Without further ado, lets dive in to the nitty gritty details of Pull-Ups!

We have heard this question across many platforms in many…many…MANY different ways.

  • “Have you guys considered making ABDL Pull-Ups?”
  • “Why don’t you just make scaled up Pull-Ups?”
  • “These companies would make some big bucks if they made ABDL Pull-Ups!”
  • “PULL-UPS WHEN? ಥ_ಥ”

The TL;DR Is: If We Could, We Would!

Like, we really REAAAALLY would. We have looked into it for many years. It is known by every ABDL company, large and small, that whoever makes the first adult sized Pull-Ups, in the style the community wants, are going to make millions. The desire and research into this has no doubt been going through the minds of every ABDL diaper producer for years. In fact Positional Printing was not just ABU’s step to revolutionize the world of adult diapers, opening up the potential of beautiful placed art layouts on diapers (check out our in depth article on that Here!). It was an essential step to creating a Pull-Up that actually looked like a Pull-Up. Placed fake underwear lines, specifically located wetness indicators for boys and girls, no upside-down repeating prints or elements. The things you expect from a Pull-Up design required this tech to be in hand, and now we have it. But this was only a piece of the puzzle. So let’s get into the other pieces that stand in our way.

First things first, a lot of the technology currently available to manufacture adult Pull-Ups is tried and tested. Many major medical brands already manufacture adult Pull-Up products and you’ll notice that, across all brands, adult Pull-Ups tend to look quite different from the classic Pull-Up style we see for kids. They have a single pad core with lots of ruffled plastic and elastic. Why is that?

There are many reasons, but one is the simple fact that a Pull-Up scaled up for an adult weighs more when wet than a child’s Pull-Up; adults expel more. This weight increase led companies producing adult Pull-Ups to come up with a creative solution to the elastic sides that could support more weight and remain comfortable. These companies didn’t have ABDL aesthetics in mind; they had the comfort of adults who suffer mild incontinence in mind. It’s function over looks.

You might notice we say “Pull-Up” capitalized as a name, and not a description of a product like diapers. This is because Pull-Ups are a proprietary development by “Pull-Ups”. It’s kinda like how everyone says Kleenex, you know it’s a brand name but thats also what they’re called. No one is saying “Hey, can you pass me a Kleenex brand facial tissue?”, In the same way, Pull-Ups are just Pull-Ups. They are a company that built the factories that create the nostalgic style of Pull-Up you see, and they did not produce a factory to make them in adult sizes; that is not their focus. This points out a very large roadblock that we run into when wanting to make Pull-Ups. The factory to create the style desired, and the proprietary materials, such as Pull-Ups specific elastic siding, do not exist. If we want them we would have to build a factory to produce them; and we would need a materials engineer to develop our own, functional and new, elastic siding that could support Pull-Ups on an adult. It is not an insurmountable obstacle, but there is a reason no ABDL company owns their own factory and produce in existing ones. A factory is catastrophically expensive.

Why Can't You Just...Make Them, But Bigger?

Pull-Ups Don’t really “Scale Up” in a linear way. It is a balancing act of design to make them functionally absorbent, while also not being too heavy for the elastic siding when wet. How to make them adjustable in size for adults; children’s hip measurements vary less than adults, also we do not have the convenience of tapes to make a perfect fit like a diaper. Dilemma after dilemma compiles until we have a long list of problems to solve if we want to achieve a perfect product for the community, that touches on the nostalgic notes of classic Pull-Ups.

Lets Talk Aesthetics & Useability

We know that some of you kiddos love the idea of leaking in a droopy printed Pull-Up while adamantly defending your recent potty training achievements, (we agree, it would be PRECIOUS.) but we certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable releasing a fantastically designed printed adult baby Pull-Up that doesn’t perform to a higher standard than the range of adult Pull-Ups currently available. Leaks are bad news when you’re in the business of preventing puddles.

So there we have it! We talk about Pull-Ups quite a lot here at ABU. I promise that there isn’t a giant stash of printed adult baby Pull-Ups locked up deep in our vaults that we’re hiding from you all. The truth is that we want to make a great ABDL style Pull-Up because it is single handedly one of the most requested products we get asked about on a regular basis. As a team of ABDL’s and agerplayers, our team wants what you want!

We continue to keep our fingers, paws and hooves on the pulse of things we can achieve and strive to put out some of the most exciting and innovative products on the market. (Just take a look at positional printing!) You can rest assured that once we find a way to create an amazing looking Pull-Up catered toward ABDL’s we’ll be shouting about it from the hilltops.

That’s it for this week, Thank you so much for taking the time to read over our thoughts and insights into the world of ABDL Pull-Ups; a world that does not yet exist; but we’re always trying to get there.

Much love from:
Krib – He/Him – A boar online, anti-potty training advocate, puddle avoider, full time rat dad.

Eolis – He/Him – A Lemur online, Pull-Up proponent & parent of Reggie the Hedgehog.


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