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Exploring AgePlay: Little-Space, Middle-Space, And Places In-Between


Exploring Ageplay: Navigating Head-Spaces Within ABDL; LittleSpace To MiddleSpace & More!

Hi everyone and welcome back to our Big Diaper Friday blog post!

My name is Krib! I’m our customer service lead here at ABU and my job involves overseeing our amazing team of customer service representatives who help you with any issues or questions you may have regarding your orders or our services! You may remember me from an article a couple of weeks ago! (Click here to check that out!)

This week I’m here to talk about the many ways you can explore your little head-space and go over some perspectives I have found worth considering. I hope you find some intriguing tid-bits to expand your exploration of ABDL and our lovely head-spaces; little, middle or otherwise.

ABDL & Ageplay

Most people will be familiar with ABDL, for those who aren’t, ABDL stands for “Adult Baby Diaper Lover.” For the longest time ABDL has been a catch-all term to describe who we are and what we do. Adults who enjoy roleplaying as a baby or other “little” forms of self and those who enjoy wearing diapers!
In recent years “Ageplay” has become a more popular term and opens the door for other avenues of age exploration. These days it is much more common to see phrases like “Little”, “Middle” or “Big”.

Now without lumping everything into one box, we typically describe ‘Little’ to be those who enjoy exploring all the things we typically associate with childhood. Think diapers, bottles, pacifiers, footed pj’s and for some temporarily putting a pause on responsibilities, instead handing that sense of care over to another person (or maybe a big plushie!).

‘Middles’ typically explore what I would call “the years of self discovery”. Middles may prefer to have more control over their decision making and typically explore avenues of roleplay associated with their pre-teen and teenage years. They may spend some time playing video games, working on little science projects or drawing amazing crayon art in the hopes that one day someone may pin it up on the fridge and give them a gold star! Middles can often be bratty and in some cases may push back if something they don’t like is being imposed on them.

‘Bigs’ are often delegated to be the adults in ageplay scenes. A big may be a parental figure or take on the role of an older sibling, providing a sense of comfort for their little or middle. They may put together activities to keep their little ones entertained or have to bring down some discipline if their middle misbehaves!

Across all three groups it’s important to know that there is no one definitive way to explore and enjoy ageplay. A younger person could still take on the role of a big and still wear diapers while caring for a little or middle. An older little may want to be cared for and coddled without ever wearing a diaper. You may find a middle who wants to play big and make all the rules! Ageplay is a deeply personal experience and there is no right or wrong way to express yourself.

What Do I Need To Explore AgePlay?

The truth is, you don’t need anything but your imagination. In communities like ours, and indeed across other headspace interests like pup play. It’s easy to get caught up in the scenes we see online and think you need a myriad of clothing and furniture pieces to even start considering jumping into things.

You don’t need to buy diapers, onesies, own a crib or a cool race car bed and you certainly don’t need to commit to your ageplay 24/7. These items may help you get into your desired headspace but aren’t at all necessary to get the job done. Think of these things as scene enhancers, much like putting on a costume for a role before you get into character.

Its A Personal Journey

I consider myself to be a social little, meaning my little space is much easier for me to indulge in with other people, it doesn’t matter if they themselves are little or a middle or even a big. When I’m around other people I find it so much easier to slip into my headspace and just enjoy a good coloring book or create lego monstrosities which I proudly call spaceships. In my little space I like to keep quiet and be on my best behavior, I wouldn’t ever want to be put in time out!
In contrast to that, my middle space is very bratty. You have to tell me everything twice and I’ll still do it wrong just to see what sort of punishment I’ll get this time around. I love playing games, staying up late, and maybe watching a campy horror movie with friends and may only ever end up in diapers if I’m caught lurking around the changing table trying to sneak one into my backpack. This is also the space I find myself in if I’m exploring ageplay on my own.
Big Krib may not come out often, but he loves nothing more than changing diapers, offering post change cuddles and bouncing kiddos on his knee. If they’re in the middle, I may go out of my way to find something that makes them blush and I will push those buttons until their face is bright red and buried in their hands. Who doesn’t love an embarrassing daddy type? I may even wear a diaper myself just to show you how you should be using them and celebrate every accident you have just to remind you that this is exactly how things should be!
I don’t restrict myself in the roles available to me, and neither should you! Explore the options that ABDL encompasses and find out what you like. Being open to change and growth in your journey of self exploration will lead to a vibrant selection of opportunities for you to indulge and enjoy.

Its A Personal Journey

Explore and don’t stop. Think about what makes you happy, think of a hobby or special interest you may not have had the chance to pick up when you were young or take the time to enjoy the things that bring you that sense of wonder. Celebrate parts of your life that you don’t get to make much time for in the hustle and bustle of adult life. Diapers may not be for you, but you may find a large bottle of your favorite fruit juice hits a spot while you watch your favorite movie for the 300th time. Be rebellious if you feel inclined to be, maybe you were that gifted child in school who behaved all the time and always wanted to know what it would be like to stomp your feet and throw a tantrum. Maybe you think it would be nice to provide a sense of comfort for someone else and spend some time making sure their needs are met; or perhaps you want to take the time to stamp out some naughty habits and set rules to make sure they don’t keep happening!
I know that sometimes life can get busy. We’re adults in an ever changing age and I’m fairly confident that we’re all fed up with living through “unprecedented times” every other month. Taking time out of our lives to step back, reflect and indulge in something that provides ourselves or others with a sense of comfort can make a world of difference. I personally have been dedicating my Friday evenings and Saturday mornings to my littlespace, and while I don’t achieve it every week I know that I can set that time aside to just put my adult life on the shelf for a little while and enjoy the cartoons I watched as a kid or just lie in bed, cuddling my plushies with a bottle of milk and a thick diaper.
However you explore ageplay, have fun. Remember that growing up is a choice and it’s a two way street!
Much love from me and the team here at ABU,

Krib – (He/Him/Pail) – CS lead, Borborbor, little astronaut, rebellious middle, occasional brat dad, full time rat father.


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