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Big Diaper Friday: Behind the cute print of Tiny Tails is ABU’s most awesome diaper to date!


There’s more than meets the eye with our newest diaper, Tiny Tails!

Welcome to another Big Diaper Friday! This week Director of Communications, Tigger, breaks down the cutest new crinkle to join ABU’s line up and explains why Tiny Tails is the perfect diaper for every waddle-butt! Hiding in plain sight under our first all-over print bag and newest, cute positional-print is probably the most capable diaper ABU has ever made.

A mix of long planned improvements, innovations, response to customer feedback and an ongoing desire to make the best diapers we possibly can means that once again ABUniverse is trying to lead the way with diaper science and fun designs!

Without further ado, to-do, or you guys accidentally going ‘do-do’ whilst I keep you waiting, let’s break down the most exciting diaper to join our line up.

The Design!

Okay – so this article really isn’t about the design BUT we would be doing a disservice to our artist, Aito, if we didn’t at least give them a little shout out. Aito is the same arty brain-box who helped create PeekABU and has been a long-time member of the ABU family in Canada. They worked with our Head of Design, Eolis, to create this adorable diap and you can read more about the antics that made up the launch at Mid-West FurFest 2023 HERE.

This latest diaper to our lines up is another Postional-Print diaper! Remember the old days when everything was upside down on the butt, cute but with room to do better and then ABU landed a world first with positional printing? Feels like a life time ago, huh? Well, while not every diaper we always made will be a PPD and we talked about what opportunities were unlocked by the technology HERE . Tiny Tails was the result of reviewing an idea that had been lurking in the ABU Idea Machine for a while and finally feeling we could do it justice in all its fuzzy, rainbow filled glory.

The Bag!

While all over bag prints aren’t new to the community, this design felt like the right time for us to move into that space. We’ve packed the back with more cute imagery, a little window for your padding to peek through and a cute puzzle to keep the kiddos distracted for a moment whilst someone bigger refills the changing supplies from the bag – but remember don’t leave those tiny tots unsupervised! Whilst it’s adorable, the packaging is not a toy and who knows what trouble your tiny terrors will get themselves into!

Okay – enough fluff – let’s get on to the cool stuff!

The Core!

The heart and soul of every diaper is the stuff in the middle, the SAP! We’ve talked about SAP as the magic ingredient to every diaper quite extensively HERE but TinyTails has more high quality SAP than any previous diaper we have produced. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing and trying to get the right amount of SAP to balance the SWELL and the SQUISH of a diaper is always a little tricky, but we think we’ve nailed it this time. Hopefully, you’ve also noticed that the texture of the inside of the diaper, the bit that’s going to cushion your tush and soak up all that sog is SUPER SOFT.

Tiny Tails excellent core is getting a helping hand from an awesome new ADL – this is the coloured strip down the center of the diaper, improving wicking and making sure that whilst the core itself is more capable, you will be able to use more of it without doing all that diaper yoga you super-soakers do to get all the way to back of your diapered butt!

Power-Up Ready!

We know for some of you that 7,500ml just isn’t enough, but let’s be real for a moment, most of the time we need to be able to walk rather than waddle or wake up soggy and squishy, but not have to literally crawl our way to the coffee machine. We made the conscious decision with Tiny Taily to not chase the trend of mega-capacity diapers. We could be smarter than that and give people ways to customize their crinkles. The leak guards on TinyTails are spec’d to be the tallest in our range. Not only will this cut down on those little leaks from those of you who are frequent flooders, it means the diaper comfortably accommodates a couple of PowerUps  (both the original and EU Edition) without overcoming the leg gathers. Fold, stack, and stuff to your little heart’s delight – TinyTails will take whatever you can throw at it!

The Plastic!

Oh the plastic! You cannot imagine how many plastic options are available and presented to us when we design a diaper. We have actual filing cabinets full of meticulously labeled little squares of the stuff and more come in to us every week. We went back and forth for a couple of months, comparing, contrasting, asking for it to be a little more this and a sprinkle more that before we found the final plastic we chose for this diaper. Everyone we have handed a TinyTails to has (so far!) loved it and we are confident that you will too. It is soft and buttery from the get-go and just gets better as it gets warmer with wear. It is a sensory delight that we cannot wait to share!

The Over-All Feel!

We have worked really hard to bring you all not only a cute diaper that lays hard into a theme, but also a really capable diaper that feels great in every way. Fresh from the bag the diaper feels premium in the paw, it’s plastic hugs the butt putting our cute new characters front and center, front and back, and having chosen to produce TinyTails on our most inclusive shell, refined over years through Simple, Space and LittlePawz we are able to offer it to our customers in four sizes from day one!

We know the design might not be for everyone, but the diaper is. We will proudly sing the praises of a project that has turned out better than we ever hoped for, has taught us plenty along the way and we are excited to bring the key features of Tiny Tails to more new ABU diapers soon!

Ciao for now, tiny tots!

Tigger – ABU’s Director of Comms & Chief Customer Service Care-bear Wrangler

Tigger//Miles (he/him/kiddo) is a UK based photographer, artist, writer, serial note-taker, occasional poet, plant dad, gin drinker, disability activist and kink communicator. As ABUniverse’s Global Director of Communications, he works every day for the acceptance and inclusion of age players and diaper lovers in new spaces as well as supporting our global customer base. Miles is a Little and DL.


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