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Big Diaper Friday: Taking breaks – Exploring Fetish Beyond ABDL with Krib!


Hello and welcome to another BIG DIAPER FRIDAY! I’m Krib, you may remember me from some other articles I’ve written, customer service tickets answered, or seen me out and about with the ABU team at events around the world.

Check out this article on exploring age-play: Exploring Age-play and this one about ABDL becoming the breakout kink of last year: BREAKING… NORMAL?

Today I’m going to talk about a little personal journey of mine and what it means to take a break from ABDL. “Blasphemy!” I hear you cry! “You will never be potty trained!” the crowd cries out.

Remember kiddos, everyone is different! I’m sure so many of you seek out your little time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the simple joys of a thick cushy diaper. I’m certainly no different, but after confidently identifying as an ABDL for 11 years I’ve come to realize that in the pursuit of finding true comfort and community or that great hidden meaning of  “what ABDL means to me”,  I’ve noticed that I may have benched other interests that bring me just as much joy and comfort. 

How Do You Know If You Need A Break?

What a question! I couldn’t possibly provide a one-size-fits-all on this, the truth is that too much of anything isn’t good for you. At least that’s what I was always taught! From the moment I had my own space, I leaped into ABDL. It was a long-time interest of mine that I couldn’t wait to embody, share, and explore. 

I think for many people in the modern age, social media, and online communities play a huge role in our general perception of what ABDL is and how to “do it right”. I remember reading forum posts or scrolling through the website formally known as Twitter and seeing people live this life full-time. Diapers 24/7, decked-out ABDL wardrobe, high chairs, cribs, and live-in caretakers. It’s easy to believe that this is what we should all aspire to achieve. 

However, in my decade-plus of identifying as ABDL, I have achieved very few of these staples associated with the “ABDL lifestyle” and one thing I came to learn and promote in recent years is that what we see online, especially the content that people idolize, represents a very small percentage of our already very small niche community.

In the pursuit of trying to achieve some of the idyllic tropes and features of what we see online, I’ve often benched other interests of mine just to try and squeeze in an inch a little closer to some of the things I’ve seen.

Coming full circle. I’ve personally found that trying to squeeze out as much little time or diaper time as possible has been too much of one thing and too little of others. Only I can make that call for myself and I’ve decided that It’s time to fix that!

As I’ve said in other articles (seriously, check those out) there is no wrong way to be an ABDL or an age-player, there isn’t a ruleset you need to follow. Our little space is deeply personal and in my opinion, one of the most fulfilling senses of self-exploration one can set out to do. 

What comes next?

For me, I’m exploring some of the other kinks and hobbies that got benched in my own pursuit of ABDL perfection!

It’s interesting to think that I was trying to invoke the simplicities of my childhood and spent so much time trying to imitate what I saw online that I forgot what I really enjoyed about my childhood. Two big examples for me were trading cards and fighting games.

I recently got back into a very popular trading card game most associated with anime characters with the most ridiculous hairstyles you’ve ever seen. (We still thought it was cool back in the day mind you.) In taking a break from ABDL I’ve put some money aside and filled out my collection, built out a couple of decks, and even attended locals. Previously I’d spent a lot of time and money on building out my ABDL fantasies and put off picking up a hobby I’d always regretted putting down.

I also picked up two of the biggest fighting games of the past year and rather than spending my downtime in a diaper watching cartoons, I’ve found a community of friends to play, practice and throw down with! For anyone unfamiliar with fighting games there are decades of practice and legacy skill that goes into them. I always found myself putting off picking them up and dedicating time to them because any downtime I had was spent trying not to challenge myself and invoke those comforting feelings of no responsibilities that so many associate with their little space.

I feel like I needed that challenge, I missed testing myself and my skills against another person, I needed to lose, be knocked down a peg, and feel the reward of adapting my gameplan to feel the unparalleled adrenaline rush of snatching a win from the claws of defeat and it never felt compatible with the softer aspects of my ABDL interests.

Lastly, something more mature. I’m a kinkster, my range of fetishistic interests is a net cast far and wide. Sensual wear like leather, rubber and neoprene make my brain tingle in all the lovely ways. Escaping into the amazing creativity of the furry community has tickled the most primal and frankly- silly aspects of what I find fun about exploring and learning about fetishes.

Will I ever transform into a dumb jock werewolf? Probably not (This section may get updated after the next full moon.) But should I indulge the idea any less because I can physically hold a diaper and wear a onesie? Heck no!

Am I Coming Back?

Truth be told, I’m not going away, I don’t think anyone should unless it is seriously having major negative impacts on their quality of life or their social connections. Purging is generally seen as a negative and self destructive behavior but I’m no professional. Take time to reflect, take time to explore, take a moment to think about what other things bring you joy. For me, it was too much of one thing and none of the others, my approach is much more about balancing the books. 

I’ve still got my diapers in my drawers, some Diapersuits in my wardrobe, and I still have my pacifier on my bedside table. ABDL will always be a part of who I am, where I’m going and what I love sharing with others. If anything, I want to spend more time with other ABDL’s to share that experience with them! I’m sure there’s plenty of ABDL’s out there who play trading card games and have mastered every combo trial on their favorite fighting game character and one day, I hope we can pad up and throw down.

This community has grown and changed so much in the past decade and I’m excited and proud to have been involved and to have been a spectator. You’ll still catch me in my diapers and my leather gear from time to time, but I want to be involved in other communities, meet new people, and indulge in new exciting experiences.

While it may not be the right thing for everyone, I encourage everyone to never stop exploring.

Much love!

~ Krib

He/Him, Pail-pig, leather-boy, owner of 20+ fursonas, button masher, likely buried under binders of playing cards.


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