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ABU’s Big Diaper Price Drop!


ABU’s Big Diaper Price Drop!

Hey there Super Soakers!

We’ve got some GREAT NEWS! We are celebrating this ‘Big Diaper Friday’ with a Big Diaper Price-Drop!

We promised that as our costs fell we would pass the savings on to you. All of our pack prices have been reduced and these savings compound when you buy in bulk! Getting your grabby paws on 4 or more packs of diapers will now discount all packs in your cart by 25%!

We’ve also introduced a couple of cool new offers…
ABU Power Pack

The ‘ABU Power Pack’ gives you 20% off Power Ups when you buy 40 diapers or more. These swell stuffers will let you push your favorite diaper’s capacity to the limit! Adding up to a litre of capacity, giving every little the squishy tummy time they dream of!

Dapper Baby Deal

Our new ‘Dapper Baby Deal’ gives you 10% off any Diapersuit with 40 diapers or more, to keep you cuties winning the ‘Best Dressed Bab’ prize at daycare. 

With our continued commitment to Free Shipping across the USA the ABU team are working harder than ever to help you get our brilliant diapers for the best possible prices!
If you’ve got any questions or need any support, please reach out to the care-bear crew at abucares.com where the team is waiting to help.

We’d like to thank you all for supporting ABU and we’re super excited about a couple of awesome new projects we’ve got coming later this Summer! 

 Ciao, tiny tots!

-The ABU Crew


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