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ABU Shipping & Tracking Tips

With all the emails and phone calls we get on a daily basis we wanted to put together these great tips in an easy to read format. Our hope is that this page can be used as a reference to explain many common questions with ABU’s shipping, tracking numbers, incorrect address mistakes, and international shipping concerns. If there is a question or tip that you think should be added, please send it to [email protected]   [dt_sc_titled_box type=”titled-box” title=”Tip 1 – Order Received Before 1PM” bgcolor=”#1e73be” variation=”aqua” textcolor=”#ffffff”]Orders received before 1PM Pacific Time will ship same day, and will have tracking available that day. Orders received after 1PM may still ship same day, but are not guaranteed to be ready until the next weekday. If your order is placed on a Friday evening or over the weekend, your order will not ship till Monday.[/dt_sc_titled_box]   [dt_sc_titled_box type=”titled-box” title=”Tip 2 – No Shipment Email After 3 Days” bgcolor=”#1e73be” variation=”aqua” textcolor=”#ffffff”]if it’s been longer than 3 days and you still haven’t received shipping confirmation in your email, (and it didn’t get caught by spam or another email filter) submit a support ticket with your order information and we’ll send your tracking information.[/dt_sc_titled_box]   [dt_sc_titled_box type=”titled-box” title=”Tip 3 – Methods To Track Your Package” bgcolor=”#1e73be” variation=”aqua” textcolor=”#ffffff”]If you have your tracking number you can use our site or the carrier’s site to track your order’s progress! 🙂 [/dt_sc_titled_box]
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UPS Tracking – Portal
USPS Tracking – Portal
  [dt_sc_titled_box type=”titled-box” title=”Tip 4 – International Shipping Timelines & Customs” bgcolor=”#1e73be” variation=”aqua” textcolor=”#ffffff”]International shipping timelines can vary quite a bit depending on the country. Some will get their orders in about six to eight days, while others may take closer to two weeks. ABU orders typically reach customs in about two to five days, at which point it needs to be cleared before it can be sent the rest of the way to your door. We are now including customs paperwork that includes our tariff code which makes ABU products duty free. If your order has taken more than two weeks, check the tracking number; it may be held up in customs, or couldn’t be delivered due to nobody being home to accept it. If three failed deliver attempts occur, call the carrier ASAP so they can hold your precious package for pick up! NOTE: Internationally sent packages are expensive to “Return To Sender.”[/dt_sc_titled_box]   [dt_sc_titled_box type=”titled-box” title=”Tip 5 – Oops!  –  My Address Is Incorrect!  –  What Do I Do?” bgcolor=”#1e73be” variation=”aqua” textcolor=”#ffffff”]If you find the address error before it has shipped, contact us ASAP! We will make the correction! If your package cannot be delivered the carrier may notify you, but this notification is not guaranteed. The best way to know is to keep an eye on your tracking info; check it once a day for updates. If at any point there’s a message stating that it can’t be delivered, immediately contact them to find out how to proceed. Options they will likely give you are the following; schedule a dropoff, change the address, or allow you to pick up the package at a holding office or locker location.[/dt_sc_titled_box]

How ABU Shipping Works In Stages

[dt_sc_tabs_horizontal] [dt_sc_tab title=”Stage 1: Order Is Placed  —>“]
carticon visa_credit_card_payment email-envelope
  • Your order is placed —> Credit card charged —> Confirmation email sent.
  • An order then arrives in ABU’s system.

–At this point orders can be changed. [/dt_sc_tab] [dt_sc_tab title=”Stage 2: Order Is Pulled  —>“]

order2 imgres
  • Our shipping expert prints your packing slip —> Moves order into “Processing.”
–At this point orders can be changed. [/dt_sc_tab] [dt_sc_tab title=”Stage 3: Order Is Packed“]
1399987017--lochans--boxes5 Truck
  • Order is readied to ship —> A tracking number is sent to your email.
–Your order might be able to be changed unless it’s been picked up. [/dt_sc_tab] [/dt_sc_tabs_horizontal]


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